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Graston Technique for Pain: How Can It Help?

Graston Technique for Pain: How Can It Help?

Using the Graston Technique for pain is one of the most effective therapies available. A buildup of scar tissue can lead to pain because this replacement tissue lacks the strength and flexibility of healthy tissue. Also, scar tissue adhesions prevent the fluid movement of muscles, ligaments and surrounding areas. With extensive use of the muscles, Read more about Graston Technique for Pain: How Can It Help?[…]

Graston Technique

What is the Graston Technique?

There are a lot of treatment options available in the market nowadays. Some offer an instant relief from pain while other promise long-term benefits. Therapists all over the world are on a quest to find the best remedy for pain relief, and one approach that they are looking into is the Graston Technique, also known as Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Read more about What is the Graston Technique?[…]

tips to improve posture

Tips to Improve Posture and Hunched Back

Are you aware that poor posture can cause a hunched back? Do you know that poor posture and slouching are the common causes of hunchback? Yes, your poor posture – slouching daily and practicing it repeatedly over time – can cause hunchback.  Poor posture has many negative effects on your body, especially to your spinal Read more about Tips to Improve Posture and Hunched Back[…]

muscle strain

Muscle Strain: Symptoms, Causes, and Prevention

Muscle strain, also known as pulled muscle, is a type of soft tissue injury that occurs in our muscles and tendons. Any strenuous movement or heavy physical activities that stress the muscle can result in a strain. This injury is extremely common in athletes due to improper body mechanics and overstretched tendons. It can also Read more about Muscle Strain: Symptoms, Causes, and Prevention[…]

how to fix flat back syndrome

How to Fix Flat Back Syndrome

Do you have Flat Back Syndrome? Maybe you’re wondering what Flat Back Syndrome is. Flat Back Syndrome is an abnormal condition where the spine loses its natural curve and becomes flat. A normal adult spine will look like an S-shaped curve if viewed from the side. Another case of Flat Back Syndrome is a muscle-related Read more about How to Fix Flat Back Syndrome[…]


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