Self-Massage Tools for Releasing Tension

Have you ever wondered how self-massage tools can help relieve pain and tension? Today’s video focuses on the things which can help you relieve the rigidity of your muscles. I won’t take up much of your time. However, at the end of this video, you will see that self-massage tools are a big help to Read more about Self-Massage Tools for Releasing Tension[…]

Wim Hof Biggest Takeaways: The Mind

Take a break and relax your mind. Today’s video highlights the importance of the mind in Wim’s point of view. Over the years, “Iceman” Wim Hof has put several extraordinary achievements to his name. This includes 21 Guinness World Records. Extensive training enables him to control his breathing, heart rate, and blood circulation and to Read more about Wim Hof Biggest Takeaways: The Mind[…]

Why Bad Posture can cause Chest Pain

Chest pain might arise due to having a poor posture. Today’s video will give you detailed information about why this happens.  It is probably a result of how you sit, especially for prolonged periods of time, rather than a serious heart condition. Chest pain can be a warning signal for something serious such as a Read more about Why Bad Posture can cause Chest Pain[…]

Tension in Posture and Stress

The feeling of tightness in the muscles is uncomfortable. For tension problems in posture and stress, this video will explain everything. If getting through life without stress is a goal, it’s possible that expectations have been set a little too high. While it’s an excellent idea to limit stress as much as possible, it’s next Read more about Tension in Posture and Stress[…]

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