Why Breastfeeding can Cause Neck Pain?

In today’s video, breastfeeding is specified to cause neck pain if with poor posture. One of the most fulfilling activities a mother can experience is cradling a baby in her arms. Looking at the tiny version of her wrapped in swaddling clothes, and sleeping calmly with that little innocent face. Breastfeeding poses health benefits for Read more about Why Breastfeeding can Cause Neck Pain?[…]

Why Breastfeeding can cause Neck and Shoulder Pain?

Today’s video is for the moms and new moms out there who are experiencing neck and shoulder pain. You don’t need to worry if you are feeling these pain. There are ways to relieve that, and this article is for you. Shoulder pain is probably the most common problem for breastfeeding mothers. If you’ve had Read more about Why Breastfeeding can cause Neck and Shoulder Pain?[…]

Can Running cause Neck pain?

Have you ever wondered why running can cause neck pain? Today’s video provides information on this phenomenon of the human body. Running is a sport that uses your legs, which is quite obvious. Bad posture from years of sitting—at a desk, in a car, on a couch—doesn’t magically disappear when you head out for a Read more about Can Running cause Neck pain?[…]

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