Self-Massage Tools for Releasing Tension

Have you ever wondered how self-massage tools can help relieve pain and tension? Today’s video focuses on the things which can help you relieve the rigidity of your muscles. I won’t take up much of your time. However, at the end of this video, you will see that self-massage tools are a big help to relieve tension.

Let’s start by defining what tension is. Tension means, “the state of being stretched tight”, which is stated in the dictionary. This is in relation to the muscles in the body. Tension is also being described as a pulling of the muscles, thus results in tightness. Pain is accompanied by tension. Your muscle needs to relax, and, in this part, the self-massage tools are of big help.

Different kinds of Self-Massage Tools

The tools needed to relieve tension is not only to relieve pain but also serves as tools for self-care. There are several Self-massage tools which you need to know as that of Back Buddy or Trigger Point Cane, Rolling Stick, Lacrosse Ball, Tennis Ball, and Grind or Foam Roller.

One of the most popular tools for self-massage is the tennis ball and foam rollers. Most of the times both tools are readily available because they are less expensive. Foam rollers are used in yoga and tennis ball are used to play tennis, so they are available mostly in households.

These tools help get most of the massages. I recommend a tennis ball and a foam roller for my clients.  Foam rollers have been used for exercises like that of toning. It is the best tool for leg pain, and low to upper back pain. As for the tennis ball, it is used for specific areas in the body where the pain is intensive. It is best used when a person is lying on the floor. It is best for the base of the skull pain, chest tension, foot pain, shoulder blade pain, and gluteal pain.


Try out the tools which I have presented. Because, as a massage therapist, my advice is for the benefit of my clients. However, you can set an appointment with me and let’s relieve your muscle tension if these self-massage tools don’t work for you.

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