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Pain / Injury / Alignment

I had been on a course of physiotherapy for about 2 months for a shoulder injury. I had hit a wall with progress and was struggling to get my muscles to reset so that the exercises could activate the muscles properly. After my first session with William I experienced remarkable progress. I was not just able to get my shoulders in the correct place, but I can not get them to stay in position. My technique for my exercises improved and I am now able to isolate the muscles that I am working on properly.
I have now been twice and my posture has really been improved and my physiotherapist had told me my progress has been so strong that I will soon be able to finish my sessions with her.
William is excellent and his treatments have been the catalyst I needed to fix my injury and posture.
Ricard, USA


In September of last year, I was badly injured in a Motorcycle accident. I underwent knee surgery soon after and the healing process has been long and difficult. After surgery, my orthopedic surgeon told me that due to nerve damage there was a chance I would never feel the backside of my right calf ever again. I have seen Will 4 times and while it is not 100%, there has been substantial progress. I can now feel it when someone or something touches the injured area.

After the accident, I was sent to the Physical Therapy Department at Kaiser Permanente. There I was given solid advise and help, but it was not nearly as extensive and hands on as my sessions with Will. He is able to answer all my questions, recognize and relieve stressed/weak areas of my leg, and provide practical at home exercises that have actually helped me progress. I always come out of our appointments feeling like my leg can get better and slowly it has. It is inspiring to know that I won’t have to live with these levels of tightness and pain for the rest of my life.

-Mike Daily, San Francisco


I’m blown away by the range of motion we unlocked last night. Normally when I wake up I have to walk sideways down the stairs because my ankles aren’t mobile enough to walk down normally until I’ve been awake for a while. This morning, I was able to walk down normally right when I woke up. Amazing.

Let’s do it again!

-Benjamin Shine, San Francisco


As a massage practitioner for over 20 years and a massage therapy instructor for the past ten, when I decided to address some of my own soft tissue and physical mobility issues, I searched for a top-notch therapist.  I set my expectations high.  I wanted someone that was knowledgeable in anatomy and physiology, had significant myofascial experience addressing issues similar to mine, and was one who worked both analytically and intuitively.  This person, of course, had to have a quality touch, as well.  Most importantly, however, was finding a practitioner that was willing to collaborate with me in this process and not just try to “fix” me.  It was a tall order, but I found just that person in Will Fuller, who I worked with for almost 6 months.
Every session I had with Will was purposeful and directed giving me 100% of his focused attention at each visit.  He questioned and listened to my experience thoughtfully and then together we would decide on the course of action in the session.  He addressed the symptoms I was presenting with care and skillful expertise, but beyond that, he helped explore the roots of those symptoms, thereby giving me long lasting or permanent relief.  I felt I received the full benefit of his extensive abilities in every visit, which only increased the value of the time and money I spent working with him addressing my physical issues.  Including me as a partner in my own healing, after each session, Will gave me exercises to work on at home.  I had my own personal therapeutic plan.  Together, I felt we made progress each week.  Now, I’m relying on self-care techniques to continue abating the few minor concens that remain, but I know I can return to Will for periodic “tune ups.” 
I feel lucky to have found such a qualified, caring, and professional therapist.  He was exactly the right person at the right time for me and I’m grateful.  I can’t imagine that his considerable knowledge and proficient skills could not benefit anyone in need of therapeutic bodywork.
Rich Brown, MA, CMT

I have been experiencing chronic pain in my right shoulder since 2007. Since then, the issue was becoming increasingly worse to the point when I had bouts of chronic inflammation; my shoulder, neck and upper chest where painful and frozen after each workday; and I had pain during regular activities such as dressing and lifting. My range of motion was also steadily decreasing. In 2010, I was diagnosed with Calcific Tendinitis (calcium deposits in a tendon that are seen on x-rays as a bone), and in 2013 the same issue was found in my left shoulder. The initial treatment was physical therapy, but after several treatments, my PT told me that there was nothing he could do for me. The next line of treatment was anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone shots, and when the issue became worse, it was recommended that I undergo surgery. Since I knew that the latter 3 treatments are only addressing symptoms and not the cause, they were not long-term solutions for me and I began looking for alternatives.

I tried acupuncture, regular massage, rotator cuff exercises, and frequency specific micro-currents, but these treatments had only limited effectiveness so it was not until I met Will that I found a perfect match for me. Since I have a background in physical therapy, massage, and psychology, his psychosomatic approach is especially appealing to me. In addition to being an extremely competent massage and movement therapist, he works to gently challenge the way you think about your body and what it can and cannot do. He is gentle and compassionate, and inspires confidence. He also helps clients develop a personalized daily program that maintains the work done in the sessions throughout the week. Since he is sensitive to the balance between work, enjoyment, and the demands of this program, it is easy to implement.

When I began working with Will, I was dubious about the possibility of my body healing on its own, but I became increasingly hopeful as time went on. I have worked with Will weekly for 5 months now and my range of motion is back to normal, my shoulder and neck no longer freeze, my pain and inflammation decreased from severe to moderate, and even my posture has improved dramatically. In addition, after seeing the benefits of the individualized program, I began asking for more exercise and self-massage tips that would address other issues such as lower back, knee and ankle pain. With time, I began to better understand my body and this has given me hope that I can eventually continue working towards improving my overall health on my own. Will is an excellent psychosomatic practitioner that I would recommend to anyone with any health issue because I have experienced relief not only in my shoulders but also in my lower back, knees, and ankles.

— Hana, San Francisco —

My wife and I started our therapy with Will to relieve pain mostly caused by our professions.

My wife, Erin suffers from chronic neck and shoulder pain common to being a hairstylist. Mine due to sitting behind a computer and developing horrible posture habits.

His therapy has been the only long lasting relief that has been consistent since seeking professional help. He not only helps relieve aches and pains, but also teaches us techniques that we can apply in our daily lives. We truly believe in his work (therapy if you prefer) and recommend him to all our friends and colleagues.
Thank you Will

John and Erin Penner


Vision Improvement Educatiionsam testimonial

Sam Alexander


I highly recommend Will Fuller as a coach and bodyworker. Will has the western educational background to profoundly understand how the vision works and how it can be helped to perform better. He is compassionate, patient and profoundly committed to Meir’s work. As  a bodyworker he has strength combined with sensitivity and great intention in his hands. Will is a wonderful person and a true Healer.

Tanja Schmitt, massage therapist/ Chi Nei Tsang practitioner of 20 years


I have glaucoma and earlier this year I went to the doctor to get a checkup. She told me the pressure in my eyes was too high, the optic nerve was flattened, parts of my visual fields were lost, my system could shut down at any point. I felt like to could go blind.. She advised that I urgently needed to have surgery and immediately start eye drops, that were muscle relaxants to bring the pressure down. I was shocked as I was not expecting such a dire prognosis. I wanted to avoid surgery and drops knowing about the side effects, but I was scared. I made an appointment with Will and we talked about other options and discussed developing a personalized program to tackle my eye problems.

For two months, I did an intensive program with Will, learning physical and eye exercises, how to look without straining my eyes, how to relax the muscles in my eyes naturally, and much more. Will was always encouraging and patient, sometimes explaining the exercises a number of time to make sure I understood them. He advised swimming which I took up every week and walks in the park, looking into the distance, sunning. I was learning to change the way I used my eyes and body. I went to the doctor during this process and the pressure went down sometimes in one eye, but not both. She would say come back in three weeks. During this time, I cut back on computer use.

At times I wondered if the program would really work, but I kept on with the work. Slowly I became more aware of when my eyes were strained or not. I got tips on how to work on the computer without straining them. My eyes started to feel better. I persevered for the two months and when I went to get my pressure checked with the doctor the pressure had gone down to normal, and she said come back in three months. I was delighted! The program was successful and it continues to be useful to me as I now know now what I have to do to keep my eyes healthy.

Ruth, San Francisco


Hi Will,

 Things are going well. I’m officially down from -4.5 D to -4.0 and astigmatism is down from -1.75 to -1.25. With this prescription, I can read the 20/20 with ease. It’s a CRISP 20/20. Night vision with this is great too!

Thank you!

Mike Krisel, USA


“It is an amazing experience to work with Will. He personalizes my program based on my particular needs. He explains, in detail (with AV’s), my health issue and what the exercises can do to help me. He also helps me define a routine that is doable and provides that plan in writing. I always feel encouraged after working with Will.”

Mary O’Leary, Napa Valleys


Dear Will,

It has been a pleasure talking to you. You helped me understand the status of my situation. Moreover you gave me a path to follow which i hope to be able to adopt in my everyday life. We will be in touch. Thanks once again and if i may express my opinion as a client i declare more than satisfied so far!

John Karadimos, Greece


“I would have never imagined how comfortable I could be not wearing glasses, before my experience with natural vision eye care. I like many, was addicted and dependent upon old school fix-it solutions without realizing it. Learning how to nurture my eyes and ‘true’ vision has been an empowering and transformational experience. I feel very fortunate to have come across Will Fuller and other pioneers in this line of work that teach us how to take better care of our eyes and body health.”

Roshini Bolar, Vancouver


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