What can cause Back of Head Pain?

If you are experiencing back of the head pain, watch today’s video to know about the causes. There are a wide variety of factors that can cause head pain, but one of the lesser-known ones is poor posture. Poor posture does a lot more harm than just make a person look slouched over and less confident. Posture and headaches are interconnected. It may be how a person sits and stands which can influence the frequency and severity of head pain.

In addition to these poor posture effects, there’s also a strong connection between poor posture, headaches, and jaw aches. When the body is hunched over, the jaw is more likely to tighten and clench. This clenching causes the muscles of the face to tighten, which is a common cause of tension headaches. When the neck and back are hunched over unnaturally, extra strain on the muscles of the face and head, which causes head pain. Meanwhile, the temporomandibular joint suffers from unnecessary wear and can cause long-term jaw pain as well.

Steps to Improve Posture

First steps: Drop the shoulders down towards the ground as often as possible

This step will enable to improve posture and make the body less prone to tension headaches. People frequently have a tendency to hunch the shoulders upward without realizing it, if they type on computers all day or look most of the times at their smartphones.

Next: Sit upright while working.

This is also recommended in an office set-up or even sitting on a sofa at home. Invest in a high-quality, ergonomic chair for working and perhaps a lumbar support pillow for extra back support. Take frequent breaks throughout the day. This will help change postures and allow the spine to experience a variety of positions. Exercises that strengthen the core muscles are great for promoting better posture. Properly lift heavy objects, observing one’s standing posture in a mirror. Choose a supportive bed and pillows for sleeping to help improve posture and minimize head pain.

When tough headaches strike, I am here to guide you. However, there are simple posture improvements may be able to help prevent them from even forming in the first place.

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