Why Bad Posture cause Neck Pain?

Pain in your neck? If you are experiencing neck pain due to poor posture, watch today’s video. A good posture is commonly considered when the ears are positioned directly above the shoulders with the chest open and shoulders back. Stress on the neck is minimized because the head’s weight is naturally balanced on the spine in a neutral posture.

Moreover, forward head posture occurs when the neck slants forward. This places the head further in front of the shoulders rather than directly above. The head position can lead to several problems. These include increased stress on the cervical spine, hyperflexion, and hyperextension, muscle overload and hunched upper back.

Facts about neck pain poor posture

The cervical spine must support increasing amounts of weight as the head is held forward in poor posture. Stated by According to Mr. Gavin Morrison, a Physical Therapist. An additional 10 pounds of weight is felt on the cervical spine for every inch that the head is held forward in poor posture. That is the rule of thumb. So if the average head weighs between 10 and 12 pounds, just 1 or 2 inches of forwarding head posture can double or triple the load on the cervical spine.

Furthermore, the lower cervical spine goes into hyperflexion with the vertebrae tilting too far forward. The upper cervical spine, however, does the opposite and goes into hyperextension as the brain automatically keeps the head up so the eyes can look straight ahead. This alteration of the cervical spine’s curve lengthens the spinal canal distance from the base of the skull to the base of the neck. Thus, causing the spinal cord and nearby nerve roots to become somewhat stretched.

Muscles in the Neck

Some muscles in the neck and upper back continuously exert more effort to counterbalance the pull of gravity on the forward head. Muscles become more susceptible to painful strains and spasms as a result.

Forward head posture is often accompanied by forward shoulders and a rounded upper back. It can also lead to more pain in the neck, upper back, and/or shoulders.

Hunching over a computer or slouching on the couch it is more likely that neck pain, stiffness, and other symptoms may develop if bad posture is continuously practiced.

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