Which Foam Roller should I Buy?

Today’s video will focus on foam rollers as well as how to find one suited for your needs. Foam rollers help you on deep-tissue massage, also known as “self-administered myofascial release” (SMR). The process lets you use your own body weight, precisely controlled, to help stimulate and relax your muscles. If you’ve already tried using Read more about Which Foam Roller should I Buy?[…]

Foam Roller for the Lower Back

Today’s video presents an effective method to relieve lower back pain, and that is through foam rollers. The popularity of foam rolling has been quickly moving across the fitness industry. Foam rolling’s been acclaimed to help reduce the chance of injury by increasing range of motion, as well as increasing performance. Perhaps the most popular Read more about Foam Roller for the Lower Back[…]

What Foam Roller is the BEST?

Today’s video talks about foam rollers and how it improves your posture to be better. If you’re not using a foam roller, you should use the proper foam-rolling technique. It is pretty easy to learn and foam rolling can help improve flexibility, strength and help improve muscle recovery. If you want to use the locally grimy free-for-all rollers, Read more about What Foam Roller is the BEST?[…]

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