Can Running cause Upper Back Pain?

Do you experience upper back pain when running? If yes, this video explains the pain you’re experiencing. Jogging is a great way to get the exercise that strengthens your heart and improves your body’s endurance. Feeling a little muscle burn in your afterward isn’t uncommon, but some runners experience sharper and more significant upper back pain after a workout.

If you commonly experience upper back pain after a long run, then your posture may be to blame. Pain the upper and middle areas of the back after running long distance are commonly associated with slouching postures and can lead to the same sorts of back problems experienced by those who sit for long periods.

There are other technical issues, too, that can contribute to upper back problems. We can hold our arms too high or too tight. Especially as we tire, our shoulders tend to rise and become tenser. Some of us swing our arms too much; some of us not enough. Sundholm said, generally, he recommends an arm swing where your fist is next to your hip at one end of the swing and your elbow at the other. Many of us cross our body with our arms, creating torque on the upper back.

How to avoid upper back pain

For upper and lower back pain, it is important to first understand how correct posture feels and how far you are away from the correct posture. Practice the posture alignment exercise below daily to improve the nerve supply from your brain to your back muscles. Check your posture at work at your desk, in your car and when you sit on the sofa. It is then vital that you strengthen the muscles in your back; follow the below exercises and do the circuit twice a week. You can continue running but you must focus on your posture while you run. And take an extra rest day if your back is sore.

For lower back pain, practice pelvic tilts to help realign your pelvis, too. For sacroiliac joint dysfunction, follow the same exercises set out below and avoid running for two weeks. Apply ice packs for 15-20 minutes on the SI joint for up to two weeks. Anti-inflammatory medication can also help reduce pain and swelling.

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