Bad Posture? It’s Not Your Fault! THE BODY

Watch this week’s video to know how the body is affected with bad posture.

Bad Posture? It's Not Your Fault! THE BODY

Throughout the years, human posture changes along time. From a C-shape (fetal) position prior to birth up to adulthood when you explore different posture and you are free to move as you desire, it is quite not that easy.

As a person’s priorities start to expand, like that of education and career, they start to give less importance to good health and proper posture.

Looking at the body:

Starting from a C-Shape position at the age of 6, you suddenly want to have a good posture by standing or sitting upright. It is a challenge when you want to sit upright but you got used to a curved posture since childhood.

To improve posture, opening the front (chest part) and strengthening the back is an effective solution.   This is a good start to live a healthy, happy and active life.

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