January 18, 2014


Just like any other part of the body our eyes need to be strengthened and cared for in order to maintain optimum function. This can be achieved through many ways including:

  • Correct use of the eyes
  • Eye strengthening exercises
  • Nutrition
  • Relaxation
  • Good blood flow

Correct use of the eyes

Most of us know that there is a correct way to use the body and a incorrect way to use the body. A good example is bending the knees to lift a box from the floor instead of using the back. This prevents you from overworking and straining certain parts of the body.

The same can be said when it comes to how we use our eyes. By using our eyes in a incorrect way, for example spending many long hours sitting in front of the computer screen, we overwork certain areas which then become fatigued and strained.

Eye Strengthening Exercises

If you want to strengthen the arms you lift weights. If you want to strengthen the heart and lungs you go for a run. So why not perform an exercise to help strengthen our I eyes? There are muscle in our eyes just like any other part of the body. When these muscles become stiff and weak we can notice deterioration in our vision. By keeping these muscles strong and healthy we can help maintain and improve eyesight.


Whatever food and drink we consume then gets converted into building blocks for the entire body. Food low in nutrients make poor building blocks where as foods high in nutrients make excellent building blocks. Would you build a brand new house that you wanted to stay strong for 100 years out of cheap poor grade material? The same is true for the body and in this case for the eyes. By getting food high in nutritious we are supplying the eyes with the best materials possible to do it’s essential job.


As time goes by there is more and more scientific research being completed on how stress and anxiety has a detrimental effects on our bodies and minds. However, stress can also effect our eyes. As a quick example when we are stressed the sympathetic nervous system kicks in and causing us to blink less. Over time this can lead to dry, red eyes.

Good blood flow

Just like any other part of the body if we do not have good blood flow then over time there will become a lack of oxygen and nutrients to wherever it is needed and it’s ability to dispose of waste is impacted. Many people think that good blood flow can only occur in those who exercise frequently and at a high intensity. Although cardiovascular exercise is a essential way to strengthen the heart and its ability to keep blood flowing around the body efficiently. It is not the only factor in good blood flow. Muscle tension is a great example of this. Is a muscle is tight blood cannot flow as freely through it. Similarly, if a muscle is tight around a artery or vein it can also restrict its ability to function at its best.

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