January 31, 2014


The body is made up of many different intricate systems. It relies on all these systems to be running at their optimum level so that it can function at its best. For example, you could be eating a very nutritious meal, but if the digestive system is not working to its full ability, the nutrients would not be sufficiently broken down to be utilized by the body.
Similarly, you could have a fully functioning digestive system but if the circulatory system is inhibited in some way, then even though you have a rich source of nutrients, they are not being delivered around the body efficiently and cannot be properly used.

Below are some general concepts to help you holistically care for the body.


Whether it is self-massage or massage received from someone else, there are many benefits. This is particular with improvement to the body. Massage can help bring much more circulation to the muscles and organs. One reason is the release of muscle tension If a muscle is tight blood cannot flow as freely through it.

Similarly, if a muscle is tight around a artery or vein it can also restrict its ability to function at its best. Effective muscle contraction is also important in returning blood back to the heart. Otherwise known as venous return If a muscle is tight it cannot pump the blood as efficiently back to the heart effecting overall blood flow.

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The body is a system of pulleys and levers that create movement. Not only does movement help get us get from A to B, but it can also strengthen bones, increase flexibility and range, and even improve circulation.


Muscles by nature contract, shortening its fibers and allowing movement to take place. It is important then to keep muscles in their natural state. In doing so we allow maximum range of movement to take place, as previously stated this is a essential part of a fit and healthy body,

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