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“My first goal was to avoid having any pain or tension be part of my daily life and this has definitely helped me do that. I also have a very sedentary job, and know how terrible that can be for my body, I use this work to help balance the tension and poor posture that is caused by sitting for several hours a day.”   Margret Boyle, Investment Banker, SF

Located inside “Chiro-Medical Group”, in the heart of San Francisco’s  financial district, Certified Massage Therapists work along side many doctors in a multiple disciplinary approach to long term health care.

Seeking solutions to the cause of pain not just treating symptoms!

Clients typically spend long hours in front of a desk,  in meetings or commuting daily. Combined with poor posture this leads to excessive tension in the back, neck, shoulders, chest and jaw.  If this is not addressed soon enough it leads to acute/chronic pain or  discomfort with

Symptoms often described as …

Nagging Ache,

Dull Ache,

 Sharp or pinching Feeling,

Pulling Sensation,

Tight Grabbing Sensation In Muscle.

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This ultimately leads to such symptoms as lack of motivation and focus, difficulty sleeping, limitation on active lifestyle and fatigue . Frustration then sets in especially when they do not get long lasting results!

Our clients don’t want “just anyone” working with their body and find it important to work with some
one who “knows what they are doing” and has studied the human body in depth over many years.

 I had been on a course of physiotherapy for about 2 months for a shoulder injury. I had hit a wall with progress and was struggling to get my muscles to reset so that the exercises could activate the muscles properly. After my first session with William I experienced remarkable progress. I was not just able to get my shoulders in the correct place, but I can not get them to stay in position. My technique for my exercises improved and I am now able to isolate the muscles that I am working on properly.

I have now been twice and my posture has really been improved and my physiotherapist had told me my progress has been so strong that I will soon be able to finish my sessions with her.

William is excellent and his treatments have been the catalyst I needed to fix my injury and posture.

Ricard, USA

Benefits Include:

Long Term Pain and Tension Relief – The massage focus on cause not symptoms.

Happier and Energized – People do not realize the psycho-emotional strain that accompanies muscular skeletal tension and pain. When this is removed we feel happier, lighter and energized.

Better Active Lifestyle – Exercise is as good for the mind as it is for the body.  When you cannot be as active as you want there is a great impact on the rest of your life. Being pain and tension free is your ticket to a long active lifestyle.

Work Enhancement – More energy, better mood and ability to focus more on the task at hand are all common side effects of overcoming pain and tension.

Stop wasting time and money going from massage to massage and work
with someone, who with over seven years in acute and chronic pain expereince, can help get quick  and effective results.

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A variety of massage techniques to achieve optimum benefits are use to achieve a pain and tension free body. These generally include:

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  • Sports Massge
  • Deep Tissue
  • Myofascial Release

All sessions are tailored to your individual needs, including how much pressure you prefer.  The goal is for you to leave the session feeling better not broken. However, if you feel deep tissue is  what you need, its yours! A brief chat beforehand will help ascertain what it is you would like to achieve from the session and usually involves one of the following:

Injury or Pain/Tension Specific Massage

Some people with a specific injury or pain may choose to have this be the focus of their massage. For example, elevating pain in the lower back. However, this does not mean simply massaging the back, but also releasing other key components connected to the pain in this area. For the lower back this could include hips and mid to upper back.


Improved circulation to that part of the body, regulated inflammation, quicker rate of recovery, improved body awareness helping the individual care for the injury better themselves to prevent reoccurrence.

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PosturePostural Massage

Many of my clients spend long hours in front of a computer. This massage focuses on the key areas that tighten due to prolonged computer use.

Warning: clients can increase around an inch in height!!


Improved circulation, prevention of more serious conditions occuring, such as chronic back pain and disc issues, carpal tunnel, chronic headaches etc., prevent hump back in later years in life.


Therapeutic Pre and Post Natal Massage

Deep-Tissue-massage thumbs

Full Body Massage:

Time is divided equally among the upper and lower body, as well as the front and back.


Greatly improves full body blood flow and lymphatic circulation, stress release, general tension release throughout the muscles of the whole body,  preventative care.

massage of the lower back on white linen

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Full Body Massage with Focused Attention on Certain Areas

Time is divided depending on your needs at that point in time. For example,  you work at a desk all day and have back or shoulder pain.  We may focus 70% of the time to the upper body and the remaining time on the rest of the body.


Similar to those of a regular full body massage but with greater release of tension in specific areas. This can lead to pain relief and/or greater mobility to that area.


Mix and Match

There is no fixed template to the session and the format can change each time. For example, some may wish to focus on releasing tension in their back for several appointments and then switch to full body massage as a preventative measure for the future.

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Meet The Massage Therapist

WMassage license # illiam Fuller is member of the “American Ma
ssage Therapy Association” and has been a Certified Massage Therapist in San Francisco, since 2010. With a background in Sport Science he combines multiple massage styles with holistic principles to achieve effective, long lasting pain and tension relief.

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