Why Bad Posture can cause Low Back Pain?

Today’s video gives emphasis on why people experience low back pain because of poor posture. Watch this video to know more about it. You may not feel any ill-effects after sitting with poor posture for a few hours, but over time the stress that poor posture places on your spine can lead to anatomical changes in your spine. This, in turn, can provoke back pain through the constriction of your blood vessels and nerves. In addition, the stress from poor posture can lead to back pain by causing problems with your muscles, discs, and joints.

Let’s start with one of the most common and recognizable signs of bad posture that can lead to back pain. Whether you’re sitting or standing, slouching might actually feel more comfortable than maintaining a straight or flat back at all times.

This is why slouching can be so dangerous: it feels better, so it’s easy to fall back into a slouch. However, slouching strains the muscles in your neck, shoulders, and back, which can lead to a lot of pain and discomfort.

Prolonged slouching and bad posture can physically change your back including straining your muscles, compressing nerves, and restricting blood vessels. All of this leads to bad posture back pain. Hunching over your laptop, your phone, your desk, or even just subconsciously hunching over when you’re sitting or driving are all common positions, especially in a world where most of us sit at a desk for 8 hours per day.

We usually hunch over because of our upper back, chest, and shoulders are weak or strained. This can further strain these muscles and contribute to a rounded and stiff back. If poor posture can lead to back pain, it logically follows that good posture can help you avoid back pain. Here’s how to maintain good posture while walking, sitting, and lifting. Bad posture might not immediately cause back pain; it might even feel more natural to slouch or hunch than to maintain proper posture.

So, how can poor posture result in back pain? It strains your muscles, leads to overcompensation, and physically changes the structure of your back. Nerve damage, muscle weakness, and decreased blood flow all contribute to back pain caused by bad posture.

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