September 4, 2019

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FREE 5-Day Posture Challenge: Head & Neck

FREE 5-Day Posture Challenge: Head & Neck

From top San Francisco Bodyworker and Posture Expert Will Fuller

Did you know…

The simple act of hunching your neck while at the computer can have devastating effects on your health and quality of life.

  • Do you ever feel tightness or pain in your neck while at work?
  • Do you have low energy by the end of the day?
  • Would you benefit from less stress and more focus?

Of course, you would.

Well, there is good news: You can take steps right now to avoid a life of chronic pain and get more focus back in your day.


Introducing our NEW Product! Perfect to get rid of pain and make your life pain-free.

Know exercises, techniques and other helpful solutions for your head, neck, shoulder, and back ( upper, mid and lower back) pain. What are you waiting for? try the COURSES today and get great discounts and good deals.

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Introducing the LATEST  wellness online education the “Better Posture Program” Highlights include:

  1. Improve posture in just 6 weeks!
  2. Less than 7 minutes a day is all you need!
  3. Stream to any device any time and anywhere with internet access.
  4. 30-day money-back guarantee
  5. Free posture checklist
  6. Free weekly cheat sheet.
  7. Access to an exclusive Facebook group

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This is the E-book version of the Better Posture Program.

We all have certain bodily habits which affect posture. Leaning one’s head forward, for example, creates strain in the neck and causes pain and discomfort. Thankfully, half of the solution to correct posture-related habits is simply to increase one’s self-awareness then create a new positive posture habit.
  1. Prevent and overcome neck shoulder and back pain
  2. treat the cause to your pain, not the symptom
  3. Improve posture in just 6 weeks!
  4. Discover the exercises to improve your posture

Corporate Wellness

Unlock The Power Of Positive Posture Habits for a
Happier, Healthier, Active Workforce

Employee wellbeing is at the top of the agenda!

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  • 12 Digital Audio Guided Eye Exercises
  • 12 Digital Video Guided Eye
  • Exercises  (Includes subtitles)
  • 5 Re-printable Eye Exercise Charts
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • FREE Latest Version Updates for  1 yr Instant ACCESS NOW with our 100% DIGITAL DOWNLOAD product
  • EASY Stream and download access
Eye Exercise Express Product Shot 5

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Some people may prefer less pressure in the tennis ball so that the discomfort is less when self-massaging. If this is the case then this massage ball set has both hard and medium pressure balls.

Don’t know how to self-massage? Check out the Better Posture Program to learn how!

Tennis balls are great to massage more specific areas of the body.

Don’t know how to self-massage? Check out the Better Posture Program to learn how!

Black foam rollers are firm in density and create more counter pressure to the muscle tissue encouraging it let go. You can also get deeper into muscle tissue releasing muscle tension.

White foam rollers are softer in density and therefore creates less pressure.

Some client’s like these because they create less discomfort when rolling. If you prefer light to medium pressure massage this is the foam roller for you!

Supplements – These supplements are recommended by Cr Damon Miller of as a stable to better vision. Check out their website for more details.

Omega-3 fatty acids essential for brain and eye health and development. These official tablets tested full high levels of metal annual to high levels of DHA

Healthy gut for healthy people. These supplements Curry pro-biotics that creates healthy bacteria in the body.

A great source of  motive vitamins to supply the body with the essential minerals that it needs everyday.

A great source of essential vitamins for maintaining a healthy body and vision.


This is a full spectrum desk lamp. The brightness and color is more conducive when use to reading at night. If you want to perform reading eye exercises during nightime, it is best done with the brightest most natural light possible.

Some people will use the full spectrum light during the winter time to replace the sunning during the Sunning Eye Exercise. Research also shows, that when using a  full spectrum lighting during the winter, it improves a person’s mood.

Pinhole glasses can be a great way to break the habit of wearing full strength glasses and learning to use the natural eye instead.

Typically, those who have presbyopia will greatly benefit from pinhole glasses. However, both nearsighted and farsighted people will also benefit from this. It is a simple and great way to rapidly improve a person’s vision.

These different colored flashing lights can be used in the peripheral vision eye exercise. Please take note that typically we recommend buying different colored lights for this eye exercise. Red, green and blue are the common colors we recommend as these colors are what the cone cells in the eye respond best to.

It is no secret that food today typically does not contain the same amount of nutrients that it did a few decades ago. Combined with a whole foods diet juicing, this device allows the body to receive the essential nutrients needed for daily functioning and healing.

It is essential when improving eyesight that you learn to rest the eyes, which then allows strengthening to take place. Using an audiobook service like “Audible”, it allows you to still entertain the mind without overworking the eyes. Many people also enjoy listening to a book while doing eye exercises.

Currently Audible is offering two books for free if you sign up today!

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