October 7, 2019

Postural Massage

Many of my clients spend long hours in front of a computer. This massage focuses on the key areas that tighten due to prolonged computer use.

Warning: clients can increase around an inch in height!

Benefits: Improved circulation, prevention of more serious conditions occurring, such as chronic back pain and disc issues, carpal tunnel, chronic headaches etc., prevent hump back in later years in life.

What people are saying..

I have been dealing with chronic pain and suffering from Sciatica/Piriformis Syndrome since June 2017 and it wasn’t until I started seeing William in February that I actually started healing and feeling like a normal person again. I have been to many therapeutic massage therapists and I assure you when I say William is life changing. His approach is truly clinical and healing. His technique is like no other as he has a long medical history of helping patients with muscular injuries. I would recommend him to anyone and if you are suffering from any sort of pain/injuries – you must see William. He’s also a good human being, kind and very informative.

San Francisco, CA

I had my first session with William today and I feel like I stepped into a more comfortable, less painful body! It changed my whole outlook for the day as well. I’ve been going to chiro medical for pt and chiro for a while so I’ve worked with William before and he knew exactly what my issues were and how to address them. I look forward to seeing how things progress. He really knows what he’s doing (very knowledgeable) and he’s also a very kind person. I had an unexpected scheduling conflict the first time I tried to see him, and he was very understanding and accommodating. I’d highly recommend him to anyone. Cheers.

Dublin, CA

If you are looking for a great massage therapist – go and see Will! I am doing PT at Chiromedical (in the same office) and Will came highly recommended, and he was conveniently located in the same office! This isn’t the type of massage you get at a hotel (no  fuzzy slippers and scented candles) this is the real deal – Will targets your problem areas and talks you through what your muscles are doing. I have already booked my next appointment with him!

San Francisco, CA

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