May 11, 2020

Online Classes

Mobility and Mindfulness (30min)

It’s time to get moving again!  In this online 30-minute “Mobility and Mindfulness Class” you will re-mobilize the body from head to toe using simple, but effective stretch, self-massage and mobility exercises. After this short class you will be left with a calmer mind and a more mobile body.  For more information CLICK HERE.

De-Stress Your Eyes (30min)

With increasing screen-time on work computers and personal devices it’s no wonder that we are experiencing increased eye strain.  Let’s unite in the pursuit of happier, relaxed eyes at a time of strain and struggle.  Join me at my weekly vision class where I will demonstrate simple, but effective eye exercises and facial massage techniques that will leave you feeling relaxed and de-stressed. For more information CLICK HERE.

Clearer Vision Webinar (40min)

Let’s unite in the pursuit of happier, clearer vision at a time of strain and struggle.  I will be revealing my secret of the 4 Easy Pillars To Younger Clearer Vision in this 40min Webinar. For more information CLICK HERE.

One to One Virtual Sessions (30 or 60min)

Don’t suffer in silence, I’m here to help!  My virtual one to one sessions are going really well, clients are noticing improvements after just one session and it is providing them with a personal routine they can take forward through the week.  I will guide you through specific exercises and self-massage techniques that will help relieve any tightness or soreness that you are experiencing.  Do you own a Massage Gun, but don’t know the best techniques to target your specific needs?  Book a one to one today and I will help you draw up the ideal program for your needs.  

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