May 11, 2020

Mobility and Mindfulness

4.30pm Tuesdays

Pacific Time (30min)

During these very challenging times it is ESSENTIAL that you maintain good health both physically and mentally. 

TREAT yourself to this week’s Wellness classes! 

Fundamentals To Self-Care Through Mobility and Mindfulness – in this online class you will re-mobilize the body from head to toe using simple, but effective stretch, self-massage and mobility exercises. After the session you will be left with a calmer mind and a more mobile body.

What can you expect?

  • Re-mobilize the body from a sedentary work life
  • De-stress the mind and body leaving you with a sense of improved wellbeing
  • Head to toe “reboot” for the body!

Join me This Week’s Class Focuses on Head and Neck

To join this week’s online 30-minute Mobility and Mindfulness Class sign up below. You will receive a welcome email and shortly afterwards an email containing this week’s class registration links (please check your junk folder). Simply select the class you wish to register for from the email and you will be taken to the Zoom registration page.

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing the Zoom link and the opportunity to add the class to your calendar (very handy!).

I look forward to helping you maintain your wellness through this challenging time.

“Great hip stretches, a relaxed presentation, helped me relax!”

Laura, California

“I really  appreciated the pec massage, which felt designed for the discomfort I have been feeling in my shoulder!”

Katie, San Francisco

“I really enjoyed Will’s class! I found it gave me time to disconnect, breathe and focus on my body. It also felt like I was connected to others seeking a break from this crazy time.” 

Mandy, San Francisco

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