October 7, 2019

Injury or Pain/Tension Specific Massage

If you have a specific injury or pain you may choose to have this as the focus of your massage. For example, alleviating pain in the lower back. However, this does not mean simply massaging the back, but also releasing other key components connected to the pain in this area. For the lower back this could include hips and mid to upper back.


Improved circulation to that part of the body, regulated inflammation, quicker rate of recovery, improved body awareness helping you care for the injury better to prevent re-occurrence.

What people are saying..

I’ve gotten several massages over the years from various practitioners. However I would put William at the top of the list. His style is quite unique involving multiple forms of massage including trigger point deep tissue etc. After a few sessions the considerable pain I was feeling running down my arm dissipated. I highly recommend him

San Francisco, CA

Will is wonderful at dealing at injury specific massages! I started getting massages b/c of a pulled hamstring that has persisted for over a year. I have noticed the first real improvement in a long time. Will is very good about explaining what he is doing and giving you advice for how to remain injury free as you continue about your day. I highly recommend him, he is well worth the money.

San Francisco, CA

Will has been super helpful in dealing with a few running related injuries as of late. From lower back stiffness to plantar fasciitis and more recently a tight calf – Will has found a way to relieve the pain and get me back on track.

San Francisco, CA

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