August 1, 2017

Corporate Wellness

Unlock The Power Of Positive Posture Habits for a
Happier, Healthier, Active Workforce

Discover the benefits and join the Better Posture Program today

Employee wellbeing is at the top of the agenda!

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The Better Posture Program

This easily accessible program will promote a healthier work environment and educate your employees on the importance of creating healthy posture habits in just 7 minutes a day.  Together we will guide employees to better health through this tried and tested Program with proven effectiveness. 

Your employees will have access to: 

  • 5-Day Posture Challenge: Head and Neck
  • 6 Week Better Posture Program
  • 31 Educational Introduction videos –  3 minutes or less
  • 29 Total body exercises filmed in four different scenic locations – 5 minutes or less
  • Stream to any device any time and anywhere with internet access.
“In my eight years of planning wellness programming at the office, I have never seen such an interest and response as with the Better Posture Program. 
It was illuminating to me the staggering number of colleagues who were managing chronic neck and back pain and amazing to learn of how much better they felt after simply improving their posture over six weeks.  
The personalized gamified approach that the program can also adopt greatly helped to maintain the changes and created a breadth of resources for participants to review and utilize on their own time.”
-Jason Luk, Wellness Ambassador – AOL

How this program saves your company money

  • Statistics show that 80% of Americans will experience back pain before age 60.
  • Back pain is the second largest reason for missed work days second to colds.
  • Poor posture is one of the leading causes of back pain according to the American Chiropractic Association. The Better Posture Program introduces essential posture habits quickly and with long lasting effects, saving your company money both in the short and long term.

Have happy, healthy employees as an added bonus

Research shows that posture can shape your mood and overall well-being.  Employees hunched over their desks and in meetings all day scientifically leads to lower self-esteem and motivation. Whereas maintaining correct upright posture throughout the day leads to higher productivity and at a higher level of work quality.

Improve posture to improve profits

The formula is simple:
Reduce your company’s healthcare and sick day costs –
Add happy, healthy and more productive employees
= increase in profits!

Our team loved this program. Even though we work for a meditation app, it’s easy to get sucked into busy days. Having these specific meditations helped our entire company be more mindful of how we were sitting. In just one week, the team was sitting taller and feeling more energized. Highly recommend that teams do this together, a fun, enlightening experience! 

Emelia Orke, Simple Habit

How it works

Tap back into the brain and body’s inherent posture habit in just three simple steps:

1. Psychology 

Deepen your daily cognitive awareness of poor posture habits and relearn 3 key posture techniques on both a cognitive and kinesthetic level. 

2. Physiology

Rebalance the body by releasing hidden tension patterns in the body that prevent you from your inherent positive posture habit. Strengthen key postural muscles to bring stability back to the structure and counteract the tug-of-war effect.

3. Habit

Repeat new positive posture habit for more than 21 days to establish the new long term habit. 

“I’d highly recommend this program because it takes so little time each day to execute the simple routines, yet the benefits are enormous. It’s such a great value, as well, considering the potential medical costs related to poor posture.”

“I have always been told I needed to improve my posture if I wanted to help my chronic back pain, but i never knew how. My primary doctor just complimented me on my great posture ..I nearly fell off my chair! To top it off I am now pain free! A surprising benefit of having better posture has been improved mood and higher energy levels. I had no idea the impact poor posture was having on my life until now!”

Tom Cacciotti, another satisfied learner

Repeat new positive posture habit for more than 21 days to establish the new long term habit. 

“My first goal was to avoid having any pain or tension be part of my daily life and this has definitely helped me do that. I also have a very sedentary job, and know how terrible that can be for my body, I use this work to help balance the tension and poor posture that is caused by sitting for several hours a day.”

Margret Boyle, Investment Banker, SF

This is just the beginning

Email William at to find out our full service menu and how it can be personalized to fit your company’s needs.

Alongside the Better Posture Program are additional better posture services that will enable your company to lead the way in innovative wellness programs as well as saving money all at the same time.

“As a proud new father of two twin boys maintaining energy levels is extremely important. My poor posture and back pain was physically and mentally draining. Now my posture is better and my back pain gone my energy and focus can now be on the boys and being a great dad!”

Nicholas Woodbury, Awesome New Dad

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