October 7, 2019

Full Body Massage

Time is divided equally among the upper and lower body, as well as the front and back.


Greatly improves full body blood flow and lymphatic circulation, stress release, general tension release throughout the muscles of the whole body,  preventative care.

What people are saying..

Having been a therapeutic bodyworker and massage instructor myself, when I began searching for a practitioner to help me correct my poor posture, I wanted someone highly qualified with a strong background in body structure and mechanics.  I also wanted to work with someone who was qualified to address my issues from a variety of different approaches. After a pretty extensive search, I found Will Fuller.  I saw Will regularly for about 6 months, in which time, my postural issues began to improve significantly and I still see him for “tune ups” every 3 months or so.  My quality of life has definitely improved from the work I’ve done with Will.  I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a practitioner with extensive knowledge, experience, and skill, as well as an acute intuitive sense.  He’s a friendly guy and easy to talk to, as well.  You won’t be disappointed.

San Francisco, CA

I’ve gotten several massages over the years from various practitioners. However I would put William at the top of the list. His style is quite unique involving multiple forms of massage including trigger point deep tissue etc. After a few sessions the considerable pain I was feeling running down my arm dissipated. I highly recommend him

Dublin, CA

If you are looking for a great massage therapist – go and see Will! I am doing PT at Chiromedical (in the same office) and Will came highly recommended, and he was conveniently located in the same office! This isn’t the type of massage you get at a hotel (no  fuzzy slippers and scented candles) this is the real deal – Will targets your problem areas and talks you through what your muscles are doing. I have already booked my next appointment with him!

San Francisco, CA

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