Can Running Cause Head Pain?

Head pain can disturb your everyday activities. This video explains what causes headache in your running routine. Getting a headache after a workout is often times called exertional headaches. As explained by Dr Steven E. Meyer, a sports medicine physician, exertional headaches are headaches that are provoked by any type of physical activity, they’re more common with strenuous physical activities versus light activities, and running is certainly considered a more strenuous type of activity.

People often describe exertional headaches as a pulsating pain on both sides of the head. The pain can last anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of days.

Poor Posture and Running

Running with poor form can lead to muscle tension in your neck and shoulders, which can quickly turn into a headache. If your neck and shoulder muscles feel tight after a run, try doing some gentle stretches.  If releasing tension isn’t quite doing the trick, you can also take some ibuprofen for relief. Set aside some time to run in place in front of a mirror. You can also set up your phone to record yourself. Watch a replay to see if you notice any issues with your form. Are you shoulder hunched forward? Or creeping up toward your ears?

If you’re not sure about your form, consider doing a session or two with a personal trainer in a gym using a treadmill. They can help to make any adjustments to how you run. Ask a local gym for a trainer recommendation.

Common Reasons for Head Pain

Here are some common office culprits that cause poor postures. One daily task that cause your shoulder to come up is talking on the phone, whether it is a cell phone or your desk phone. The longer you talk, the more the shoulder creeps up and some people just outright hold the phone with their shoulder. This causes an even stronger contraction and an even more intense pain. Also if your desk height is too high, that will force you to raise your arms up and therefore cause shoulder elevation. A monitor set at a height that is too low as well as sitting in an unsupportive chair will allow for slumping forward. Even carrying large bags will cause us to slump forward. Making sure that your desk is set up correctly is half the battle to avoiding this type of tension headache.

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